5188™ Flange Sealant 50 mL Tube Red


Product Description

Ultra-tough, anaerobic gasketing material with high elongation and toughness even after exposure to elevated temperature. High flexibility makes it perfect for large, highly stressed flanges. Designed for use on rigid metal flanged connections, such as gearboxes and engine casings, particularly where minor oil contamination of the flange surfaces can occur. Particularly suitable for use on aluminum substrates where very good adhesion is achieved. Provides resistance to low pressures immediately after assembly.


Applications Anaerobic Gasket Sealant
CapacityVolNom 50 mL
Color Red
PackingType Tube
SKUGroupAuto-ID 217934
SpecificGravityNom 1.13
TempRangeMax 300° F
TempRangeMin -65° F
Type Gasket Sealant
VOC 0.72%

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