E-A-R™ Ultrafit® Earplugs Elastomeric Polymer Yellow Corded Poly Bag


Product Description

Conforms to oval shape of ear. No rolling or touching plug portion during insertion. Proprietary, premolded, triple-flange earplug design inserts easily and provides a comfortable fit for a reusable earplug.


Body Material Elastomeric Polymer
Color Yellow
Noise Reduction Rate (NRR) 25 dB
Packing Type Poly Bag
Quantity 100 Pairs
SKU Group Auto-Id 175845
Type Corded
Wt. 1.15 lb
BodyMaterial Elastomeric Polymer
Color Yellow
NoiseReductionRateNRR 25 dB
PackingType Poly Bag
Quantity 100 Pairs
SKUGroupAuto-ID 175845
Type Corded
Wt 1.15 lb

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