Combination Grit Abrasive Sharpening Benchstones 8 X 2 X 1 Coarse/Fine India


Product Description

Crystolon combination for general sharpening when the speed of sharpening is more important than the fineness of the cutting edges. Produces strong, long-lasting, keen edges on tools. Ideal for sharpening straight blades and gouges.


AbrasiveMaterial Aluminum Oxide
AbrasiveTradeName India
ApplicableMaterials Hard Steel
Applications Deburring; Honing; Sharpening
CrossSectionShape Rectangular
HeightNom 1 in
LengthNom 8 in
Quantity 5 per pack
RoughnessGrade Coarse; Fine
SKUGroupAuto-ID 207750
Style India Combination
ToolShape Rectangular
WidthNom 2 in
Wt 1.57 lb

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